Wortley Artist

ALAN TAYLOR Murals etc.

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The Ryder Cup. Painted directly onto the wall for a famous golfer.

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Ceiling based on a Renaissance ceiling by Veronese.
Crossland Hall, Huddersfield
Acrylic on plaster.
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Swimming pool mural
Acrylic and masonry paint on plaster
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Decorative climbing flower, based on an Hibiscus.
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Swimming pool mural with trompe l'oeil windows.
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Detail from a life-size swimming pool mural
(the bottle and glasses and above are painted, below are real tiles and water)
Acrylic and masonry paint on plaster.
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Antique map painted in-situ onto an office ceiling.
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Trompe l'oeil still life behind a range cooker.
Acrylic on plaster.
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An artist's impression, in pen and ink, for an interior design presentation.
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Trompe l'oeil champagne bottle.
Acrylic on plaster.
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Office mural
Lifetime Financial Management
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Chinoiserie (detail) painted directly onto a dressing room wall, Surrey.
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2 weeks on a ladder painting a ceiling.
Mayfair, London.
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The winner takes it all.
Acrylic on plaster wall.
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Trans-Atlantic mural.
Acrylic and masonry paint on plaster.
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Exterior Projects
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Peak District mural
Acrylic and masonry paint on exterior plywood.
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